Redefining Local

A local apple is much more than just distance travelled.

At Arlington Orchards, we grow a multitude of modern and historical varieties, and all of them are renowned for their taste. Many of these are varieties that your big brand supermarket can't carry due to how they ship, receive and package their products. Apples you buy at these supermarkets are picked for their pressure as opposed to ripeness. This firmness is so that the apples can withstand the rigours of their extremely long journeys from their sourced orchards to the packagers, distributors and then end market.

We picked our apples based on one criteria and one criteria only-- flavour! And to us, we firmly believe that it's flavour that defines a local apple.

Each variety ripens at different times, and weather and growing conditions play a large role in picking at the peak of each apples flavour profile. Since we specifically pick at the peak of flavour, our apples also have a defined ripeness window to enjoy or preserve-- and we are very proud of this.

Arlington Orchard apples are HOW APPLES SHOULD TASTE! One bite and you'll discover this for yourself. And with over 27 varieties currently being grown, we predict you might just discover your new favourite apple with us. During harvest season, there's a new variety ready to go to market every week or 10 days!

Whether it's direct from the tree itself at our U-Pick, or at our fruit markets in Miscouche and Charlottetown, we invite you to sample and fall in love with our apples from Arlington Orchards.